Our payroll services are designed to give you back your time. Free yourself from the time and hassle of payroll duties. Our services are custom tailored to your needs and you receive copies of all necessary reports. Services available include:

  • Computation of payroll, other pay, tax liabilities, and deposits
  • Maintenance and recording of deductions as well as child support and other court ordered deductions
  • Printing of payroll checks – can be weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly
  • Preparation of monthly withholding coupons and quarterly tax reports for both federal and state
  • Digitized payroll signatures
  • Handling of payroll inquiries and assistance with workers compensation and unemployment compensation audits
  • Preparation of annual federal and state employment tax reports
  • Preparation of W-2’s and W-3 forms
  • Maintenance of employee benefits and preparation of remittance checks to benefits administrator
  • Direct deposit of payroll checks

When it comes to payroll let us simplify your life and give you your time back. For more information give us a call or email us at